Beads to Buttons, Cabochons to Card, lets Craft and Create

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My name is Claire and I am the owner of Low Cost Craft Supplies and Jewellery Accessories and yes you've guessed it, that's what we sell.

I love to try new craft projects and love to enrol in taster sessions. I live in Bristol, UK and we have some fantastic local community groups. I have tried everything from learning to use a sewing machine, making skirts, bunting and cushions to trying my hand at stained glass. 

Its great fun, you meet lots of new people. It is something I highly recommend and the community groups are sensibly priced.

My favourite craft is making jewellery. I love beads, from inexpensive Paper, Acrylic and Wooden beads to Czech glass and Swarovski beads.

Glass Beads, Swarovski, Rondelle, Bicone Beads,

I also love Cabochons, I have 1000's of them made from affordable Resin and Glass to more expensive Gemstone. What is a Cabochon you may ask?

Cabochons are for making jewellery but can be used in other crafts too. The shape may be symmetrical, calibrated or free form

Aventurine Gemstone Cabochons, Making Jewellery

I will be sharing lots of beautiful cabochons and show how easy it is to make them into jewellery pieces for yourself or others with just a few products.


I have friends and family that adore handmade jewellery, they really do. They wear it and sometimes get asked, where did you buy that ring, earrings or bracelet etc. This is word of mouth, word of mouth is your best friend in business and selling. This word of mouth has helped me achieve to date 14,306 Sales on my Etsy store since 2016. Before that I had another Etsy store selling other handmade crafts and became so busy, I found two stores difficult to manage so I combined both to my current store. Later on in my blog, I will share some help and tips if you would also like to open an Etsy store or Website. Instagram and Pinterest are a wealth of information and also great for selling your handmade goods. 


Making jewellery doesn’t have to be difficult, I am amazed at the wonderful creations I see that have taken years to perfect. I would love to have the talent that my customers have although with fat fingers I do find working with seed beads tricky. I like to work with my settings and cabochons, it makes me happy and that is what counts. Remember those little imperfections make even more personal.


If you have any question or comments please comment below and I will do my best to answer them. Thank You for taking the time to read my Blog and I hope you have a fantastic productive day.


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