What an Eye Opener Its Been - March 2021 Update

Posted by Claire Donaghue on

What a crazy year it has been for us all. Pandemic and Lock Downs, so many changes to get used to! One thing I have noticed is how many new customers I now have who have taken up crafting as a hobby/small business during this time. I have read so many success stories of new business ventures and amazed by your creations, you should all be so proud of yourselves. I love to see your work and wish I had the talent that you have. 

It may seem that we are being flooded by Handmade Jewellery more than ever, Etsy has thousands of new UK sellers, it can be a worry getting your creations out there and be seen. I have been lucky to find and work with some fabulous new artists and share with you lots of many unique designs as supplies. My tag line is 'Creations that stand out from the Crowd' How you checked out how many Cabochons I now stock? I am proud to be one of the UK's largest Cabochon suppliers who is not a drop shipper. All stock is here in the UK and dispatched withing 24/48 hours Monday to Friday.



Cabochon jewellery can be so easy to make, you need three things. Cabochon, setting and strong glue. You can then attach to a jewellery display card.

Look out for more new products coming soon especially supplies that will make a 'Statement'

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