Handmade Colour Change Mood Ring

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Beautiful Antique Silver Oval Mood Ring

The Moodstone measures 25mm x 18mm and set into a Silver Oval Cabochon Setting. Total Ring Length is 28mm

Ring Band Width 5mm

Fully Adjustable. See how the colour changes from the warmth of the sun. It will change with your own bodies heat.

Material Stainless Steel and Silver Alloy

Will be protected by a Handmade Velveteen Jewellery Pouch for that Extra Special Touch

Generally the mood ring will be a darkish color when cold….. and as the temperature of your skin heats up the ring you will see the mood ring changing color. The color of the mood ring will stabilise with the current temperature of your skin. If you get hotter or colder the ring will change color again.

You may notice when wearing a mood ring the most dramatic change in color will be when you first try the ring on. This is where you will see the beautiful color changing properties e.g. the ring changing from a dark color, through the oranges, greens and blues (may have small flecks during curing). Depending on which ‘mood’ you are in or body temperature the ring will stabilise in color. If while wearing the ring your ‘mood’ changes so will the color of the mood ring.

What do the colour mean


Fear, Nothing, Angst, Serious, Overworked, Stormy, Depressed, Intense


Anxious, Cool, Cautious, Distracted, Mellow, So-So


Stressed, Nervous, Mixed, Confused, Upset, Challenged, Indignant


Mixed Emotions, Restless, Irritated, Distressed, Worried, Hopeful

Green-Light Green

Normal, Alert, No Great Stress, Sensitive, Jealous, Envious, Guarded


Upbeat, Pleased, Somewhat Relaxed, Motivated, Flirtatious


Normal, Optimistic, Accepting, Calm, Peaceful, Pleasant

Indigo-Darker Blue

Deeply Relaxed, Happy, Lovestruck, Bliss, Giving


Love, Romance, Amorous, Heat, Mischievous, Moody, Dreamer, Sensual


Very Happy, Warm, Affectionate, Loving, Infatuated, Curious

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