18 K Gold Plated Necklace Chains - 18 inch or 45cm

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18 K Gold Plated Necklace Chains - 18 inch or 45cm

1mm thickness so a fine lightweight chain not intended for heavy pendants. Tag reads 18K GF. Photo zoomed in to show detail.

18 Karat Gold Plated Necklace Chains have a thin layer of Gold over a base metal that is normally made of Silver, Brass, Copper and Alloy

Plated Jewellery pieces are delicate jewellery items. Care should be taken.

To prolong the plating, remove rings, necklaces and bracelets, etc. when washing hands or hand sanitizer.
Avoid your plated jewellery coming into contact with perfume or perfumed lotions.
Avoid direct contact with water and chemicals such as chlorine, sulfur, detergent and lotion. Excessive light, heat or moisture will deteriorate the quality of plating on the metal. Perspiration and Your Personal PH level
Last but not least, one’s own body chemistry can be harsh on plating. Just like fruit, some people are more acidic than others. This can cause it to Blacken or Wear Off.

I personally keep all costume plated jewellery pieces in a clear self seal bag with an anti-tarnish strip. Not intended for everyday wear, you will need a solid gold chain if needed for this purpose.