10g UV Ultraviolet Resin Fine Tip Nozzle

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10g UV Ultraviolet Resin. Made with non-toxic materials. Cured hard within minutes, no more waiting

Fine Tip Nozzle Liquid Colour: Clear

Features: As a guide

1. This type of Epoxy is a transparent thin hard rubber, can be cured by Sunlight or Special UV Lamp. I do find my customers prefer to use a lamp.

2. The solidified material is crystal clear, good weather resistance, anti-yellowing, good adhesion

3. The complete curing time, UV violet light 5 minutes (different thickness will alter this time)

Direct sunlight (sunny day): 30 minutes

(cloudy): 30-60 minutes. Crafters say they do wait longer to cure to be sure. The heat of a room ideally should be 70f 21c

4. Place the bottle upside down during use.

Made in China. May have Chinese Instructions written on the bottle