Christmas Keys, Red Key, Santa Key,

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Christmas Keys, Red Key, Santa Key

Made of Strong Plastic 

 Size 6.2cm x 2.8cm

Santa's Magic Key
We don't have a chimney, there's not one at all
We always hang our stockings, right up on the wall.
So how will you come, down the chimney with care?
When it's plain to see, there isn't one there?
Yes, it is true, I've worried a lot.
Will Santa fly by and not even stop?
I have an idea, as brilliant can be.
Let's give Santa his very own key!
This key, it is magic, and fits all sorts of houses.
The big ones, the tall ones, even houses for mouses!
I'll put it in a safe place, and hang it on the door.
And come Christmas Eve, I'll worry no more!